As a coach, it is important to be current on the ACP & USASF (All Star) / AACCA (School/YL) Safety Rules.  If you have questions concerning any safety rules or questions regarding specific performance elements, please follow these steps.  This will ensure you receive a timely and accurate response to your questions. 

         All questions must be in written form.

         Due to the differences in interpretation and terminology, no phone calls will be accepted.

         Do not rely on prior rulings from ACP Championships.

         For any official ACP legality ruling, you must submit a video that contains the skill in question.

         The legality ruling of a video will be based on the skill as it is performed in the video. 

         If you make any changes to a skill, an updated video should be submitted to ensure legality. 


Videos must include the following:

1.       Front, side and back view of the skill.

2.       Name of the Championship attending.

3.       Age Division and Level/Category.

4.       Include your name, team name, email and phone number with your video.

5.       Do not send entire routine, only the skill(s) in question.  Your video will be kept on file.

Videos for REGIONAL EVENTS, must be received 2 WEEKS prior to event.

Videos for ALL NATIONAL EVENTS, must be received 3 WEEKS prior to event.

All responses are from ACP's perspective and may only be used in dispute at an ACP event.   It doesn't necessarily represent a decision from USASF, AACCA or any other Varsity Brand.   For an official USASF ruling, please see rule questions/video guidelines at