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~ Every team needs to sign and turn in a Varsity "Policies and Procedures" form.  CLICK HERE

BID Information - Worlds, Summits, The U.S. Finals - CLICK HERE

~ Cheer Abilities Teams - always perform free!  Each Cheer Abilities team member receives 2 parent tickets in the Coaches Folder at Registration.

~ NEW National Champion jackets in San Antonio and Columbus are black with gray/silver sleeves! 

~ NEW - Custom Baseball Jerseys for Cash Bash and Bid Championship Champions! 

~ Champion Teams at Tournament of Champions and Dance Nationals win Sublimated Jackets.

~ Encourage your athletes to do individual events and their skill levels will improve!  Individual Nationals are December 8th in Houston, TX  CLICK HERE

~ We Welcome Show Teams at our events and each athlete gets a themed trophy.  Show Teams can really build your competition teams - so recruit for your Show Teams this year and perform at Cheer Power Competitions!

~ Our latest Cheer Biz ad features our Coaches!

~ We LOVE when coaches dress up for our Halloween Championships!  You could win a plaque!
~ Encourage parents and athlete's siblings to dress in costumes too!

~ Once again, gyms, parents, athletes, coaches have come through for our troops overseas!  Bring your donations for our troops to the Patriotic Championships 11/11 in DeKalb, IL, 11/17 in Kansas City, MO and Tulsa, OK.  THANK YOU!!!
"We are done with all the summer care packages -- over 2000!  They will be shipped out next Monday out of Clute Postoffice.  Thank you to all of our great volunteers and supporters."

Mary Moreno


"Just wanted to let you know that Cheer Power is the best competition company we have ever competed with. You are the fairest dudging and your staff is great. Competitions run smoothly -- that's why we have competed with you for 10 years. Thanks for being a great overall company."
Vanessa E. - HCA Cheer Squad

"Thank you for having us at your event this year.  It was our first time attending and everything was run very professionally and smoothly.  Your entire staff was coureous and helpful with questions.  Our teams LOVE the jackets and of course wore them to school today despite the 85 degree weather!  We look forward to attending again next season."
Patsi M. - LeaderCheer

"Thank you for hosting such an awesome competition.  It was organized from the get go.  From the time I registered until the moment I pulled out of the parking lot, everything could not have been executed any better.  I am glad that I have returned to coaching and competing with Cheer Power. Have a great day!"
Summer M. - Millennium Middle School Competition Cheer

"This weekend was by far one of the most fun, most organized competitions we have been to (Vegas).  Your staff and this whole event was fabulous. Thanks for having us!"
Vonne - Stuntz

"This will be our 11th year competing with Cheer Power!!! We LOVE IT!!! Cheer Power is the ONLY competition we have attended every single year!  Thanks for doing a GREAT job!"
Michele M. - Champion



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Stars Vipers brought a semi-truck full of toys for CASA to our San Antonio Christmas Championship!
Special Recognition for our Plaque winners for bringing the most toys to our events:
Columbus:  Midwest Cheer Elite, Cheer Athletics, Rock Solid Academy
Houston:  Powerhouse, Horizons, Spring Creek Athletics
San Antonio:  Stars Vipers, Cheer-riffic Techniques, KO Cheer
A list of EVERY PROGRAM that donated is on each Results Page!

Thank you coaches for sending us this wonderful Instagram post from our
Midwest World Bid National Championship!  We love seeing posts like this!