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Brand Overview
Join the Cheer Power Family!  Competitions that are FUN for the whole
family and reward Athletes, Coaches and Parents!
World Bid Events
Midwest World Bid Nationals
March 23-25, 2018
Columbus, OH
Power Dance World Bid Nationals
March 10-11, 2018
Galveston, TX
Event Types
- Fun Themed Regional Events
  Halloween, Pet Appreciation, Patriotic, Christmas, 50s, Disco and Wild West
- Amusement Park Championships
- D1 D2 Bid Championships
- 2-Day Mini-Nationals in Galveston & Tampa
- National Championships in Texas and Ohio
What Makes Cheer Power Special
- Athletes are #1
   - All National Champions win Jackets
   - Grand Champions win Rings
   - 1st - 3rd win Medals at all competitions
   - Trophies, Plaques, Satin Banners, High Point Awards
   - $20,000 Cash Prizes at Cash Bash Mini-Nationals
   - Coaches Choice Awards nominated by coaches
   - Special Athlete & Show Teams
   - Sponsored Athletes
- We Love Our Coaches
   - Coaching Staffs of the Year
   - My Coach Rocks - nominated by athletes
   - Gym of the Month Plaques
- Parent Appreciation
   - Cool Mom, Dad, Grandparent Awards - nominated by athletes
   - YMCA Tshirt Throw
   - Fan Appreciation Cash Prize at Nationals
   - Parent Spirit Plaques
   - 3rd Family Member Discounts
   - Best Team Mom/Dad Awards