~ Cheer Power will continue to provide the highest quality competitions along with great awards for the athletes.  We take pride in running on-time competitions with renouned experienced judges.  Most of our staff has been working Cheer Power events for over 15 years.

~ Cool Mom, Cool Dad and Cool Grandparent Awards!  Athletes nominate your parents/grandparents at registration.  Must be present at award ceremony to win a Cool Prize.  Moms/Dads then get their names entered in the end-of-season drawing for $500!  (Do not need to be present to win the cash.)  Good luck!

~ Fan Appreciation Award!  If you catch a Tshirt during the YMCA at an award ceremony, go to registration and enter the Fan Appreciation drawing.  At Southern and Midwest Nationals (in San Antonio and Columbus) if we call your name, come down for the big check!  (Team must be competing to win.)

~ Parent Spirit Plaques! 
PARENTS -- GET CRAZY THIS YEAR!  Parents that bring their signs and spirit to competitions to support their kids could win a Parent Spirit Plaque!

~ Spectator discounts at our events:  Seniors 60+, and all active duty  Military will receive a $5.00 discount with valid ID.  We offer FREE spectator admission for children 5 and under. 

Thank you, parents, coaches and athletes, for making Cheer Power championships FUN for the whole family!

~ Parents and siblings are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes or spirit shirts to the event.  Siblings can trick or treat  vendors in the hallways.  We love to see the coaches, parents and siblings participate in the theme of the competition!

~ Once again, gyms, parents, athletes, coaches have come through for our troops overseas!  Bring your donations for our troops to the Patriotic Championships 11/11 in DeKalb, IL, 11/17 in Kansas City, MO and Tulsa, OK.  THANK YOU!!!
"We are done with all the summer care packages -- over 2000!  They will be shipped out next Monday out of Clute Postoffice.  Thank you to all of our great volunteers and supporters."

Mary Moreno